How to tell if a guy likes you!

After many hours of research I have accumulated ten signs to tell if a guy likes you! So without further delay lets get straight into it, I hope this post helps you out! πŸ™‚guy

  1. First of all I will start off with a trick that I learned from a YouTube video that I think is great! If you think a guy is staring at you and there is a clock or something in his direction you can look at it and if you see that he quickly turns away you know he was staring at you!
  2. If you are talking to a guy and he can’t keep eye contact or begins to get fidgety or stutter this is usually a sign that he likes you.
  3. Β A lot of you may know this but as weird as it seems when a guy insults you or play fights with you this is also another sign!
  4. If you are around a guy and he starts to show off and you can see him looking over at you that usually means he’s trying to get your attention and impress you!
  5. I feel like an obvious one is if you’re walking down the hall and you see the guy walking towards you and he changes his direction of route to brush past you in school hallway that is usually another clear sign.
  6. If a guy compliments you an abnormal amount this is also another sign.
  7. If a guy starts to take interest in what you like to do for example if you play a certain sport they may all of a sudden start taking an interest in that sport too.
  8. If you are around him and his friends you can usually tell by his friends if they start nudging him or whispering about you to him.
  9. If a guy wants to introduce you to his friends that usually means he wants to show you off to his friends because he likes you.
  10. Watch their body language if you are talking to them and their body is facing in your direction that usually means he’s interested and also if you notice that his pupils dilate that means he’s trying to take in as much as possible of what he is looking at which is you!

I hope this helped you guys if you would like to see more posts like this be sure to let me know by liking this post and perhaps leaving a comment of what you’d like to see next!

Lauren Elizabeth x


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