10 beauty hacks every girl should know!

I know we can all be lazy sometimes when it comes to beauty but hopefully with these hacks even when you aren’t feeling up to the task of beautifying yourself this will help you.

  1. Leave cotton wool and a bottle of micellar water beside your bed to ensure you have no excuses to not take your makeup off. The reason why I am telling you to use micellar water and not facial wipes is because facial wipes are terrible for your skin, I recommend Garnier micellar water.


2. If you are out of your favourite liquid liner and don’t have time to pop to the shop use a mascara and for even longer wear try a waterproof mascara to prevent smudging.

3. If your feet have seen better days and are beginning to resemble cracked pavements cover your feet in your favourite body lotion and pull on a thick pair of fuzzy socks.  My favourite lotion is soap and glory’s ‘The Righteous Butter’ its a thick deep moisturising lotion that softens your feet from within.


4.Have a spot that is taking over your face with its redness? Apply anti redness eye drops to the affected area. The ingredients used to bring down the redness in your eyes does the same thing for your spot.

5.Always wanted longer lashes? Apply castor oil to your lashes every night before you go to sleep.

6. Does your nail polish always come out bubbly to solve this put your nail polish in the fridge an hour before use. Also instead of shaking your bottle before use, instead roll it in between the two palms of your hands as shaking it creates more bubbles!


7. Struggling to open up your favourite bottle of nail polish? All you need is a little more grip, wrap a rubber band around the lid and there you go! Another tip is, to prevent this from happening apply some Vaseline to the opening of the bottle to allow easy access when opening it!


8.Struggling to make it on time to certain events? Make a playlist and have certain songs assigned to each task you need to do in the morning so you have only that amount of time to get it done! Keep in mind that some tasks may need more than one song and try not to allow leeway into other songs.

9.Want your hair to smell nice when someone hugs you? Spray your favourite perfume onto your hairbrush and brush it through your hair. Make sure not to apply to much to ensure you don’t make your hair greasy.


10. Do your bobby pins always fall out of your hair? spray them with hairspray for some extra hold! Now you won’t be finding bobby pins in random places around your home!


There you go guys! Ten beauty hacks for all you girls don’t forget to follow my new Instagram account!


Lauren Elizabeth x


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