My summer workout routine!

powerI know for some of us, me included, it can be a hard task to muster up the energy to get out of bed and workout. Although this can be a difficult task, don’t deny you feel great after it! I’m going to share with you my recent go to workout routine that’s helped me get into shape this summer. Whether you’re reading this because you want to lose weight or just become the healthiest version of you, don’t let anybody else affect your decisions with your lifestyle!


Monday: I work on my abs      Time: 5 mins

Click on Monday to see the video. I also do 30 squats and 30 sit ups

Tuesday: I am part of an athletics club, which I highly recommend we usually switch between sprints, long distance and interval training.

When you start of running I recommend just jogging, then I would begin to introduce sprints into the jog for eg. jog for 100 metres sprint for 30 metres and gradually build it up increasing sprinting time and decreasing jogging time.

I then come home and do:

30 sit ups

30 squats

Wednesday: This is my half break day and I only do :

30 sit ups

30 squats

Thursday: This is the exact same as Tuesday !:)

Friday:Break day!

Saturday: I will usually go for a light jog for about half an hour  down my road and usually look up a workout video this is my favourite full body workout >

Sunday: Chill day B]

This is a very relaxed workout routine but trust me it works! You will be feeling so much better by the end of the first week. Also if you suffer from acne you will notice a big difference in your skin. If nothing above tickles your fancy, perhaps  try an at home workout video, I love charlotte Crosby’s video and the music on it is great! If you would like me to go into depth on any of my routines just let me know and also if you would like a post on running for beginners just let me know! I hope to be making a lot more fitness videos in the future as it is something that I now really enjoy! I think it takes a few months to get into it but after that, working out becomes more of a habit and you will begin to enjoy it!

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Lauren Elizabeth